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About Kitchen Together

Kitchen Together was born to be different. We love to create long-lasting relationships with customers and to deliver the best design and service possible to families in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Does this paint a full picture though? Read on to discover the secrets of our identity and how they translate into the carefully crafted service we offer to anyone needing a new kitchen.

Our Story


Kitchen Together was formed by two friends that share the same passion. Jason and Holly met 8 years ago here in Australia while working for the same company. Coincidentally, we’re both from the same town back in the UK, Bristol. If that’s not strange enough, we were both working as direct competitors in the kitchen world and were literally in the buildings adjacent to each other for 10 years. Small world hey? We’ve both since worked in Kitchen design, drafting architectural joinery, manufacturing and installation

Over time they realised two things:

(1) they will always be passionate about kitchens and

(2) typical kitchen design and installation services are not good enough.

And a thought followed next: why not combine all the good bits of a traditional service with a fresher approach, one that removes all the stress, hassle and discomfort for customers?

This is when Kitchens Together was born.

What does this mean for you?

The main reason Kitchen Together was founded was to provide a better, more personal experience to customers in need of a new kitchen. Here’s what this means exactly.


Experts, not salespeople.

If you work with us, you'll always have a kitchen expert at your side to support you, not someone trained to sell.


1 dedicated project manager.

Questions? Comments? New ideas? Just call your dedicated PM directly. No call-centre communication!


100% Customisation

While many claim they can customise kitchens (beware of half-measures!), few really do. We are among those who can.


Quick delivery

We prioritise your family's comfort. That's why we begin work immediately and finish within the agreed timeframe.

If you need a new kitchen and like the way we approach kitchen projects, then get in touch with us and let’s meet in your kitchen to talk. It’s free!

What our Clients say about us

"Our new kitchen is unrecognisable, the layout and functionality are so much better and the service all the way through was spotless."

Cheryl Hoskins
Gold Coast

"I LOVED seeing my kitchen in 3D. I struggle to visualise things so having that option to see how it all comes together first was great. Everything went to plan, and the installation took place on the agreed date. I was also impressed by how clean and tidy the kitchen fitters kept the house."

Lindsay Watkins
Gold Coast

"I can not thank Jason enough, not only has he transformed our kitchen but I was amazed by how smooth the whole process went. Even when my wife wanted to make last-minute changes, nothing was too much trouble, I would highly recommend."

Roger Brimble

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Our tradies

We are very proud of our tradies and perceive them as a fundamental part of the value we are able to offer. Here’s what they are like.



We've worked with our tradies for years and we know we can trust them to deliver both quality work and great customer experience.



Our tradies are Brisbane & Gold Coast based. This allows us to deliver promptly and means we support our local business community.



In the unlikely event something needs fixing, our tradies will take responsibility for 5 years after project end and fix it for free.

“Many thanks to the installers who did a wonderful job with the installation. The stone bench top was fixed perfectly!”

Tracey McCarthy

Our suppliers

We source our kitchen components from renowned Australian brands to support Aussie businesses and at the same time ensure top-notch quality.


Would you like to get to know us?


Do you have any questions that you would like to ask about us or our service before we meet? No problem – give us a call or drop us a message.

Kitchen Together1

The simplest way to get a taste of our service is to book us for a meeting in your kitchen. It’s 100% free and entails no obligations.